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About Us

Bwlchygroes Farm Feeds Shop Bwlchygroes Farm Feeds has been in our family for several generations.

Brian remembers unloading lorries of 140 lb bags on a Saturday morning before playing rugby for Preseli. Many dairy herds at this time were less than 10 cows.

Now fast forward to the present day, where dairy herds are between 100 and 1000 cows, our business has evolved and expanded to meet the demands of the modern hi tech farmer.

Despite this expansion, we are still very much a family run business and with most of the phone calls answered by Brian or Cathy, the customer’s voice is often recognised immediately.

Photo of one of Bwlchygroes Farm Feeds WarehousesThis personal knowledge allows us to often anticipate and quickly resolve any problems experienced by our customers.

Bwlchygroes Farm Feeds will always be a family run, community- orientated store that puts its customer’s needs first.

Our roots will always remain as a local village store and we will always be here for you and your farm no matter the day, time or weather. 

We are 100% customer-focussed and we won’t let your stock go hungry!


Call us on 01239 698 226 to see how we can help you.