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Grass is the cheapest source of feed for any livestock enterprise and effective utilisation of grass and its management is the key to getting the most of your grassland. Ruminant animals depend on grass as a major source of energy and protein as well as vitamins and minerals.

Traditional storage methods on farms have been silos, towers and clamps. Bales are becoming increasingly popular, due to ease of transport and also mobility of feeding.

At Bwlchygroes Farm Feeds we stock a range of products throughout the season.

Improve your silage quality by using a Silage Additive: The Safeguard family of silage additives has treated millions of tonnes of grass, maize and whole-crop silages, with major benefits not only in the silage clamp, but also in the cow.

Designed to retain more of the nutrients through quicker fermentation using a combination of organisms, Safeguard 5 improves aerobic stability inhibiting yeast and moulds and improving palatability.